We are COSMIC SOLAR SYSTEMS, We Specialise In Solar Geysers And Photovoltaics and have been around since 1981.
COSMIC SOLAR SYSTEMS installs quality solar hot water systems in Gauteng.

We are not in any way associated with Cosmic energy and solar.   

Cosmic Solar Systems

If you are looking for an energy efficient way to heat water in your home or business, whilst saving thousands on your electricity bill, look no further.

We Specialise in Solar Geysers and Photovoltaics


Cosmic Solar Systems has been successfully installing and servicing Solar Geysers and Photovoltaics for domestic, commercial and industrial use in Johannesburg, since 1981.

We also install heat pumps and induction water heaters, which use a fraction of the the energy of conventional resistance elements.


Photovoltaics (Solar electricity) has become mainstream, and a viable solution to the load-shedding we experience all to frequently these days.

Plumbing maintenance – domestic and commercial .

REPAIRS. We have many years of experience and are able to repair most solar water heating systems.


From Domestic Solar Geysers and Photovoltaics and swimming pool heating systems to Industrial solar energy systems, Cosmic Solar Systems experts will provide a no obligation consultation to help you find the ideal solution for your needs and budget.

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye

Your solar geyser can be installed on the inside of the roof with only the solar panels visible. In some cases where a roof has insufficient pitch and span to accommodate an effective thermosyphon, the geyser needs to be located externally, above the panels.
Our domestic indirect solar water heating systems provide loads of hot water  and have an electrical back-up to ensure you have water 24/7/365 on overcast and rainy days. Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, including freeze protection, Cosmic Solar Systems have excellent corrosion protection, even with the most aggressive water.

To keep water hot for longer, we use a 50mm thick, high-density insulation. Our systems are durable and reliable (requiring minimal maintenance), and suitable for use in many applications – domestic, resorts, lodges, hostels and cottages.

Solar Conversions.  We will convert your conventional geyser to solar, making your investment extremely viable.

All Cosmic Solar Systems installations are guaranteed.

Save up to 40% on your electricity bill

image017With a system that is sized according to your daily hot water needs, you will see a substantial decrease in your electricity consumption immediately after installation. Approximately 60% of your total electricity consumption is consumed by the geyser, so you can expect an overall reduction of about 40%. The system will have paid for itself in about 4 years.



“MGS Marketing has been using the services of Alan Lee and his Associates for some time to service our residential rental properties. Alan has responded to important calls promptly, which is very important in the Rental & Hospitality Industry. We will continue to use their services for the foreseeable future and can recommend his services.” – M. Jennings, MGS Marketing & Jax Place Guest House

“I have utilised the services of Cosmic Solar Systems for more than 12 years. Alan Lee has always provided professional service and dealt with plumbing emergencies speedily. I have two solar geysers installed on my property that assist in reducing energy costs. I have without hesitation referred Cosmic Solar Systems to both business acquaintances and friends.” – Lynne F. (home owner)

“When I purchased my home, it came with a solar geyser system. One very cold winter the solar panels cracked upon freezing. Cosmic Solar Systems rushed to the rescue. The old water heating system with two solar panels was replaced with just one anti-freeze, hail-resistant panel, which is sufficient to heat a 200l geyser. Whilst fitting the new panel, Alan inspected the sacrificial anode inside the geyser, which is the main reason why geysers burst, and it was in a terrible shape. By replacing the anode, the geyser’s lifespan has now been extended too. Thank you Cosmic Solar Systems for the quick response, your invaluable advice, and a cost-effective solution that saves me thousands in electricity bills. My geyser is permanently turned off, my water always hot, and my electricity consumption before municipal levies is less than R500 per month!” – Blanka S. (home owner)


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